A New Home for Revive

2020 News

Well, what an unusual year 2020 has turned out to be! We have made some decent progress in the first half of the year, but also have encountered some new challenges.

On the good side, our former building in Bridlington Avenue has finally sold, and is now owned by a fantastic Christian educational trust, who have retained the historical connection with us by naming the location “Revive” – a beautiful gesture from a great work.

The sale of Bridlington Avenue means we have now raised and saved over £700,000 toward our building project, for which we are so thankful.

On the difficult side, the unusual effects of the Lockdown in 2020 has severely hampered our ability to go to tender as planned, along with some other new complications that have arisen for which we need solutions.

Please pray for us as 2020 and beyond is proving challenging for multi-location churches like ours, with no building to call home. We are trusting God for good solutions, in the short and long term. God will prevail and we will endure. Trusting for miracles!

Technical Drawings Stage

The journey towards our new building continues this summer, as we are getting truly technical and into the minutia of the building design – drawings detailed enough for builders to give us a definitive quote and tender to build.

This drawing stage will continue through August, and by late August we should be in a place to put out to tender and begin the stage of choosing a builder.

Alongside this, a few notes for prayer: We continue to work through some technical legal issues to complete the sale of our old Bridlington Avenue site, something we pray will come to a completion very soon. We are also working through the heads of terms on the purchase of the new site.

While all these things take seconds for me to write to you, they in fact take quite some time in conversations with solicitors, lawyers and the various other interested parties. I am so glad we have an excellent Team carrying the project forward – it would not be happening without them.

Please continue to pray, give and stay in anticipation for more milestones to be reached soon.

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