A New Home for Revive

May 2021 Update

Well, 2020 and 2021 have so far proved to be the most unusual of years for this building project, and many other things besides!

The effect of the pandemic means Revive Church has only met in-person to worship a handful of times in the last 15 months, and this has of course had a marked effect on our income, which has been suppressed by some 20% or so, though this has varied at times over the year.

Our family of ministries have continued with debt counselling, detached youth work, foodbank activities, lunch clubs and many activities online, but we can’t wait to get back to normal!

However, even with this year’s suppression of income, we have still been able to increase our finances raised and saved by the amazing Revive community, which sits at around £800K today. Well done Revive!

The Progress with the New Build Project 

On a practical note, the stages of development that the building project required have moved at a frustrating snails pace over the last 15 months, but it has still moved forward! Technical drawings have been finished, professional estimates acquired (These were rather higher than we’d hoped!), and a process of value engineering to address this is underway.

Reaching this milestone in the process means we have also begun some weeks of meetings with Kingswood Parks and others who may assist us, to see if we can chart a way forward to develop further funding, obtain actual builders costs, investigate lenders options, all while trying to ascertain how COVID and Brexit have affected the market for building. It is quite a maze, but we are moving and having very helpful conversations in recent weeks.

Hopefully more good news will follow soon.

An Interim Home for Revive

After the last 15 months it is obvious that the new building is not about to leap to completion in the next 6 months, and with so many venues no longer hiring out spaces, we are in need of a decent sized building to get us through while we await the new build completion.

To meet this need we are in the process of attempting to secure a large empty retail space in Hull that will hopefully carry us over until we are in our new building. Please pray as plans to have this in place for this summer, including a change of use to “place of worship” are under way right now.

Please continue to pray for God’s favour and grace to reach both our temporary and long-term plans for buildings, that we might be able to do much good in our city and region for years to come.

2020 News

Well, what an unusual year 2020 has turned out to be! We have made some decent progress in the first half of the year, but also have encountered some new challenges.

On the good side, our former building in Bridlington Avenue has finally sold, and is now owned by a fantastic Christian educational trust, who have retained the historical connection with us by naming the location “Revive” – a beautiful gesture from a great work.

The sale of Bridlington Avenue means we have now raised and saved over £700,000 toward our building project, for which we are so thankful.

On the difficult side, the unusual effects of the Lockdown in 2020 has severely hampered our ability to go to tender as planned, along with some other new complications that have arisen for which we need solutions.

Please pray for us as 2020 and beyond is proving challenging for multi-location churches like ours, with no building to call home. We are trusting God for good solutions, in the short and long term. God will prevail and we will endure. Trusting for miracles!

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