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Fresh Kingswood News!

  • We are excited to announce that Sunday services have begun in the new community centre on Kingswood, where we will also be developing increased community facilities, with toddler groups, debt counselling, youth clubs and services, exercise clubs and soon, hireable space.
  • We have a returned expectation that a further building on Kingswood will be built over the next few years, as the current space becomes too small. We expect that this venture will be in collaboration with other organisations, enabling us to fulfil much of our desire to impact the Kingswood area as planned. This is a wonderful development after the recent disappointments with our original ideas, and while the new plan may not fulfill every part of our original plans, the impact on the community, that remains without a church building, will be the headline gain – we hope to bring fresh news soon.
  • In addition to new buildings on Kingswood, we are also developing campuses in 2 other locations in the region, plus half a dozen missional communities across the area. These are exciting days as things begin to develop in exciting ways post pandemic.
  • We also still plan to find a place to use as a central HQ in the region, as our admin centre, house of prayer, eventing and fun space and more – though our admin continues to run out of Kingswood for now.

Featured post


We had a fab time at the Cottingham Civic service today, as I outlined 4 major developments that will affect you in the coming months.

The audio podcast of the talk is here:

Here are the main 4 points:


• It looks as if we are imminently to be given a small community centre in Hull, to develop a busy community outreach centre.

• We hope to have up to 6 Outreach Locations running across the region by Spring 2022, reaching communities, collaborating with local churches, leading people to Jesus.


• As explained in the podcast, due to our changing needs and opportunities, we are now looking at acquiring some land or a holiday/leisure/farm space on the outskirts of Hull as a Headquarters, to develop a “Hollybush style” revival centre full of fun, food, a House of Prayer, space for eventing and lots of community creating play! We are actively viewing properties & land right now, so if you know of any, let us know!


• We have recently been working to put all Revive members in geographic based Pastoral Houses which will be announced later this month. This is so we can easily multiply into smaller regional services at times (See point 4) as well as develop more Pastors. You will receive a letter/email outlining your Pastoral House & Pastors soon.

4. NEW SUNDAY SERVICES (Feb-April 2022)

• From February to April 2022, we will be trialling some new Sunday morning service styles, all at 10.30am:

REVIVE UNITED Twice a month we will gather all Campuses and Locations to a REVIVE UNITED service at Cottingham Civic as normal.

FAMILY GATHERINGS Twice a month we will gather Pastoral Houses in smaller locations of up to 90 people, in venues across Hull & East Yorkshire, to try more informal, relational styles of services, to get to know each other and our Pastors better. There’ll be kids work, prayer, refreshments, seating around tables, more voices and more faces to get to know! Jump in!

You’ll get further emails and mail about all this as the time gets closer!

Keep digging into Jesus.


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