After a lengthy period of prayer, discussion and seeking God, the Revive Church leadership have decided not to proceed with the proposed 1000-seat new church building on Kingswood, due to rising construction costs in the wake of Brexit and the Covid Pandemic. The proposed £2 million project has ballooned to £3-4 million, and putting ourselves under such tremendous financial pressure, in such a volatile season, seems unwise to us. Many churches that had been contemplating large new builds in this season are shifting their strategies towards buying existing buildings, as a less expensive and risky way forward. We are one of these.

We know this may come as something of a great disappointment to some, but we have been encouraged by direct words from God that have urged us to dis-entangle from this original plan, after enduring the very slow and difficult, decade-long journey, seeking to build on Kingswood. We still hope to have a good influence on Kingswood, with some exciting new, smaller and very collaborative plans being discussed. Watch this space!

The other good news is that we have very healthy savings in the bank towards our new plan, thanks to all your outstanding giving! That’s all still ring-fenced for a new Revive home base. It is our intention to find a Headquarters in Hull or the region that fulfils many of our original requirements, but with a “new era” twist. We need a hub somewhere to hold a House of Prayer, our administration centre, perhaps just one of our campuses, and space for training, coffee shop, events, evangelism and family gatherings. While Sunday’s may remain simple and flexible across the region, meeting in inexpensive hired halls for now, as we flex around Covid restrictions, we expect our Headquarters would be an excellent 7-day hub and gathering point for all to spend time together. 

Pray! We’re out and about right now, looking for Revive’s new home in the region!