Well done Revive, you raised another £10,000 towards the building in this months special offering. We are so grateful for your amazing giving over these recent years.

We have a special event coming up, you won’t want to miss…


Tuesday 11 June 7.30pm at Kingswood House we are going to have a very special evening of prayer, pushing for some breakthroughs in our new building for Kingswood Parks. We’re going to:

  • Head over and pray on the land where we are going to build, but before that we’ll…
  • Remember the vision of why we’re building
  • Hear the very latest news on the progress of the new building, and specifically where to aim our prayers in these coming weeks.
  • Pray over the finances, detailed drawing phase and tender stage, all happening this summer.
  • Prayer for some of the team on the front line of the project.

Join us for a powerful evening of vision, worship, prayer, church family information and breakthrough!