It was wonderful to announce last month that we have been granted planning permission for our new building, along with much profile given to the project by local press!

So now you’ll no doubt be wondering “What happens next…?”

The next steps in the building journey will begin with having detailed construction drawings done, with enough detail to allow building companies to quote for the work. These drawings should be complete by the early summer of 2019.

During this time we will also be working towards purchasing the land, and finalising the financial plan as bids come in, and raising as much finance as we possibly can to add to any mortgage requirements.

Once drawings are complete we will go through a tendering process, through this summer, allowing different building contractors to bid for the work.

By late autumn 2019 we hope to have a builder in place, and the land ready for construction, which we hope to commence late in 2019.

The build time is expected to be 9-12 months.


To help continue with the fund raising for the building, we will be  collecting a Heap Offering on Sunday 12th May 10.30am in the Winifred Holtby (HULL) service. Come and join us for this service with guest speaker Fergus McIntyre or give online here.