A little update for the Revive Church family, on our new building.

As you know, we are in the middle of the Planning Permission process for the new build, and the sale of our old building in Hull.

As expected, the Planning process has brought up some areas that need further investigation and we are looking at producing some further reports for our application. You will notice this Sunday that we will be doing some survey work in order to assist the creation of a further transport plan, to do with traffic in and around the new building.

This delay means we expect that we may hear the next piece of meaningful news, perhaps in about November this year, another slight delay, but to be expected in these processes.

Nigel has been doing an excellent job of moving both items forward – please continue to pray for him and everyone else involved. And do continue to give – this year we have raised over £200,000 toward the project – just remarkable…a huge thank you!