It seems like we are developing some good momentum on our plan to build a new church centre on Kingswood Parks in the north of Hull – a church home, community centre, training college, conferencing facility and headquarters for church planting, missions, inspiring revival and city transformation!

Here’s the latest this summer of 2018:

  • Planning permission is in and going through it’s process, which in fact, should soon be at an end. I hope we would hear sometime in September 2018, of how our application has been received. Please pray!
  • We have raised almost £200k in recent months towards the new build! Well done Revive and friends…you have given as never before! More Heap Offerings will follow this autumn.
  • We have good progress on the sale of our Bridlington Avenue site in Hull. We are developing a good relationship with a potential buyer, and it seems, all being well, we hope to be able to move forward with a sale soon. Please pray, as you will probably know how complex these processes can be, and we want this journey to be a blessing to us and our potential buyer. The sale of this building we believe is 1) of God and 2) will help us enormously with our fundraising efforts, largely setting us up to start the new building process.

A huge thanks to Nigel Lendon, a true Revive legend, who is doing such an awesome job of working with designers, planners, architects, financial providers, buyers and the council – I am so grateful for all he has brought to this amazing project! We would not be where we are without him.

Let’s keep going ’til it’s done!