Investigations into the sale of our Bridlington Avenue Hull venue

Last Sunday Jarrod announced that we are in the process of looking at the possible sale of our Bridlington Avenue building. With the recent closure of the school that was housed there, the directors have spent time looking at the various future options open to us. With our intention to build our new main headquarters on Kingswood and no sense that we have any large projects or plans to fully utilize the Bridlington Avenue site, the decision has been made to investigate selling it to release finance for the new build. The hope is that this sale would put us in a position very close to commence building.

If you are interested in information about buying the site, please email

Activities currently housed in Bridlington Avenue

Should the sale of Bridlington Avenue go through, all activities/offices currently housed there will be cared for thoroughly and properly during the interim period while we await our new premises being built. If you have any questions about this email Lucy

Latest Fundraising

Thank you so much for all your incredible giving – in the latest fundraising push we’ve raised an additional £125,456.48 on top of normal giving towards the building project. Well done Revive, our friends and partners! Our passion is not so much to build a building, but to build something that will help us see thousands saved, inspired and helped! You are making this possible!

Planning Permission

Final investigations and plans are being put into place and we expect to be able to go for planning permission in January 2018.

If you would like any more information about the new build project, don’t hesitate to email and we will get back to you.