the-vision-jjMarch 2017

Dear Revive family member,

Why we are building…?

It is exciting to think that should Revive continue to grow the way it has the last 10 years, for the next ten, (Which is equivalent to a steady 10% growth each year) over 1300 members will be gathering each Sunday to worship God and know His presence by 2025!

This is why we need to build this new 850 seat HQ outreach and training centre, as well as launch new locations across Hull, East Yorkshire and beyond – in fact, it is our next goal is to be in 20 locations by 2020 (We are currently in 5). We need both a great HQ to work from and reach north Hull, and a centre from which to train and plant right across the region.

Where have we got to…?

We are now coming to the most intense stage of commencing the work on our new building on Kingswood. All investigatory process is largely finished. Planning is to be submitted this month. Soon we will only be waiting on finance.

What do we Need?

We need approximately £2 million, and we must raise at least 30% in cash if we choose to mortgage the rest (That’s a £600,000 deposit). We have raised £250,000, so we need to raise £350,000 deposit, as a minimum. To help you think and pray about what we need to raise:

  • The FULL £2million is £8000 per household, or £660 a month for a year.
  • The £350,000 deposit could be raised by £1400 per church household.
  • We could raise the deposit in 3 months if each household gave £466 a month.
  • Just a thought: If every household gave just £100 in a single offering, the offering would be £25,000!

Would you please seriously pray as households about what you can give in the next 1-3 months. If you can give hundreds, please pray about that. If you can give thousands, please ask God and be brave.

From next weekend, Heap Offerings will take place every Sunday at the Kingswood Campus, to give regular opportunities to give into the building fund.

Together, if we give extravagantly the work will be completed! Let’s build a legacy that will impact this region for generations!

Much love in Christ


Jarrod Cooper