pre-app-renders_2_101016The final preparations are underway! Here’s the February 2017 headlines:

  • All investigatory process is finished.
  • Planning to be submitted this month.
  • Tender packs about to go out so builders can quote for the job.
  • In 8-10 weeks, we should only be waiting on finance.

What do we need?

  • Total project is Approx. £2 million (final and more exact quote comes after tender packs are issued).
  • At least 30% must be raised in cash (£600,000).
  • We have raised £250,000. We need to raise £350,000.
  • Since October 2016 we have raised £33,500. This is great, but needs to rise.

What are we praying for and thinking about?

  • So, we need to raise £2 million (minimum deposit £350,000 if we take the mortgage route)…Just to help you get your head around those numbers…
  • In Revive Church £2 million is £8000 per household. Or £660 a month for a year.
  • £350,000 deposit is £1400 per church household.
  • To raise the deposit in 3 months: £466 a month from each household, for three months.

Please pray passionately for the release of finances, as now is the season to build! Pray about what you can give. If you can give hundreds, please do! If you can give thousands, please pray about that! Let’s join together, get extravagant, and get this building built.

Thank you so much for being part of an amazing family, doing amazing things!

You can give right now online here.