We have some fresh architect sketches that we’ve compiled into another video for you.

Watch it HERE.

In recent weeks we’ve had a great set of developments with the build project:

  • We’ve had good discussion with planners regarding the project and things seem to be developing well. Hopefully all the official planning stuff will be finished by early 2017.
  • We’ve had excellent discussions with Kingswood Parks, as we head towards buying the land. They have very kindly given us a great price on the land, which will will announce publically soon.
  • Heap offerings have started really well, raising thousands, and we are expecting all that to ramp up a level in 2017.
  • Early in 2017 we will be putting the plans out to tender, and we should then be able to choose our building route. Exciting developments!

Remember, we’re taking offerings for the building project at Kingswood (Hull) campus on the 2nd Sunday of every month. We’re trusting God for the £2 million to build!

If you’d like to give, visit our giving page

Thank you!