Important Venue Change Information – Kingswood campus is on the move!

survey on land august 2016Firstly, I’m really excited to confirm that Sunday 11th September 10.30am at Cineworld, we launch the details of our new building to everyone. The initial pre-build work, surveys etc, as you’ve seen in photo’s on social media and in the Cineworld service, has started. We are currently working through planning, need to raise some more funds, then build!

In the context that this is the year we are building, the leadership team and team leaders have been looking at how we get through the next season until we get into the building, as the cinema is starting to feel a little restrictive to our increased development.

With this in mind, we have prayerfully decided that from Sunday 2nd  October 2016 (5 Sunday’s away), we will be moving our 10.30am Sunday morning services to the Kingswood Academy (school), about a mile away from Cineworld, on the east side of Kingswood. (We’ll give lots of address details, maps, bus route info very soon.)

The main reasons behind this move is:

  1. Our children’s ministry, Revival Kids, is growing, and needing extra space. That’s great!
  2. The tight timing at the end of our services, means we are sometimes really missing ministry time and fellowship time, hanging out together.
  3. Some Christians are not keen on gathering in places where alcohol is present, thus the bar area presents a barrier for some.

kingswood academy hallThe positives about moving to Kingswood Academy are:

  1. We can have many classrooms for Revival Kids, allowing space for growth – and we will ALL be under one roof (no more trips to Kingswood House)
  2. End times for services can occasionally be slightly relaxed, if God is moving that way.
  3. It is a beautiful new school, with a large atrium for gathering and hanging out for up to an hour after services. We want to take time to enjoy each other!
  4. It is cheaper than the cinema, and will save us a good amount of money over a year – very useful in this year we are building our building.

From this spot on the east side of Kingswood, we can focus outreach on that side of the estate and into north Bransholme for a season. More souls to reach! Our hope is that within a year, we would be moving in to our newly built venue.

If you have any questions, talk to your team leader or email/chat to Pastor Chris

Lucy will have bus route information on the balcony after morning services the next 4 weeks, for those that need it.

kingswood academyFind out more about Kingswood Academy here:

We’ve said all along that this journey would have twists and turns. Remain bold, flexible –  you are a remarkable church and I know you can do it! We will enter into all God has for us, as we journey with Him! BE STRONG!

Much love..and loving this adventure with you!

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Jarrod Cooper
Senior Minister