Our journey toward moving our biggest church campus from the centre of Hull to Kingswood began in 2009, as we began searching for ways to cope with a growing congregation and ministry…

2009 – Expand the old facilities.

In 2009, as Revive (New Life, at the time) was in a period of rapid growth, we felt to design and price up expanding our facilities on Bridlington Avenue, HULL. After investigations we finally arrived at the conclusion that a spend in excess of £800,000 was not worth it for the small gains we could achieve on the restricted land.

2011 – an offer made on a warehouse building

By 2011 the church leadership felt a sense of call toward the newly built Kingswood, a growing new area in the north of Hull, with no immediate church facilitating its needs. There was a sense “in God” that this might be a good fit for Revive’s future. A property was found, refurbishments were tentatively planned, priced up, and an offer was made on the building – but this ultimately proved to be unsuccessful for reasons beyond our control.

2012- Planning to Build a New Facility on Kingswood

From 2012 onward we began to slowly investigate other options for building on Kingswood, developing a good relationship with the outstanding developers of the area, while renting, hiring and developing multiple services and smaller sites to cope with the growing congregations across the region.

For the next few years the first building company we worked with ceased doing these kinds of projects after a while, and then the second company went into administration, thankfully with no cost to ourselves in any way, (other than in time!)

2014 – Heading to Kingswood Anyway!

By 2014 our passion to begin working on Kingswood had grown so much, we rented and hired two buildings (The Cinema and Kingswood House) to run services and community projects there. Alongside this, new plans and new partnerships started to hone and develop our building design until we have the plans we hold today.

The move to Kingswood has proved so fruitful, with outreaches like youth, toddler groups, fun days and schools work, reaching hundreds of families across the area, at levels unprecedented in our church’s 90 year history. We have found a true home for our Hull congregation!

2016 – Beginning to establish ourselves

Now, in 2016, a full 7 years into our journey, it seems we have come of age, grown up profoundly as an organisation and church family, and are ready to establish a permanent home for our local, national and international works from Kingswood. It’s been quite a journey!