A New Revive Church HQ on Kingswood

Our passion is not so much to build a building, but to build something that will help us see thousands saved, inspired and helped! You can help make this possible! Building a new building is ALWAYS about how it can... Continue Reading →

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Technical Drawings Stage

The journey towards our new building continues this summer, as we are getting truly technical and into the minutia of the building design - drawings detailed enough for builders to give us a definitive quote and tender to build. This... Continue Reading →

Another £10k raised – plus special event!

Well done Revive, you raised another £10,000 towards the building in this months special offering. We are so grateful for your amazing giving over these recent years. We have a special event coming up, you won't want to miss... PRAYER... Continue Reading →

£242,000 raised last year!

Congratulations Revive Church, in the last 12 months you've raised £242,000 for the new building, above and beyond normal tithes at church! That's just incredible and we are so grateful for your amazing, faithful, bold giving! Thank you! To help... Continue Reading →

Our Next Steps…

It was wonderful to announce last month that we have been granted planning permission for our new building, along with much profile given to the project by local press! So now you'll no doubt be wondering "What happens next...?" The... Continue Reading →

Planning Permission Granted!

We're really excited to announce that planning permission has been granted for the new building! Huge thanks to Hull City Council, Kingswood Parks, DMP Surveying, Architecture and More, GGP & LTP Ltd for all their incredible help in getting this... Continue Reading →

Planning and selling!

Thank you once again for your prayers covering all aspects of the proposed sale of our old Bridlington Avenue Site and the planning application for the new building on Kingswood. I realise we may not be headlining significant news every... Continue Reading →

Two Areas for Prayer

There are two major areas of development with the journey toward building our new enlarged church and community centre in the north of Hull, on Kingswood Parks. Firstly we're really happy to announce that we have a very positive buyer... Continue Reading →

Progress Report…the latest

A little update for the Revive Church family, on our new building. As you know, we are in the middle of the Planning Permission process for the new build, and the sale of our old building in Hull. As expected,... Continue Reading →

Planning Permission, Fund raising and other news…

It seems like we are developing some good momentum on our plan to build a new church centre on Kingswood Parks in the north of Hull - a church home, community centre, training college, conferencing facility and headquarters for church... Continue Reading →

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